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  Corporate Social Responsibility and Investment

 1. Background

As a committed corporate citizen, Lets'eng Diamonds whole-heartedly embraces the principles of corporate social responsibility to guide the overall response to the needs of communities and the nation in which we work and live. In 2010, Lets'eng Diamonds undertook Needs Analysis Survey in the District of Mokhotlong (the primary community). Based on results of the survey, the company developed a Corporate Social Responsibility & Investment (CSRI) Implementation Strategy that ran from 2011-2013.

The strategy was the Company's long-term commitment to assist in key areas of need identified by the communities through implementation of sustainable and economically-viable community projects. The strategy was implemented successfully and there were important lessons learned. The 2011-2013 Strategy was followed by the development of the current 2014-2016 Strategy, whose development was also informed by the Needs Analysis Survey that was undertaken in Mokhotlong. The projects that could not be implemented in the previous Strategy were given priority. Emerging projects were also taken on board in the new strategy.