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  Safety and Health


The Health and Safety Department adopted IRCA system as a blueprint for health and safety in the Mine. The most used elements in the system are:

Planning and Leadership:
This is where sections, departments and ExCo hold health and safety meetings. The department reviews management of all health and safety programmes. For the reason that employees' involvement is critical, employees' representatives are chosen and serve as links between employees and management on all health and safety issues that affect them. The Behaviour Based Care (BBC) as a programme, ensures safety, facilitates Visibly Felt Leadership (VFL), employee PACT reinforcement and monitoring.

Competency, Training and Communications:
It states that all people are expected to go through induction trainings, including site-specific inductions, so as to have adequate skills when preforming their jobs.

Management of Operational Risk and Change:
It caters for risk assessment, up-to-date baseline risk assessment, continuous risk assessment and task-based risk assessment. All these assessments are compiled into mine-wide risk profile. They are also used for developing standard operational procedures for risky conditions. They are further used for planned task observation to ensure that employees understand standards of working procedures. They also help in the management of change because any change might have negative or positive consequences thereby ensuring that all the negative consequences are addressed.

Work rules and operating permits:
These ensure adherence to safety rules, risk operations and to have permit for certain jobs such as excavation. The permit is required to ensure that workers are not exposed to dangers such as power cables.

Inspections and asset maintenance:
These ensure that all assets and moving machinery adhere to inspection protocols. Transport issues are addressed putting safety as a priority. The moving equipment is kept in good condition and statutory inspections are carried out.

Occupational health systems:
These ensure that all Lets'eng Diamonds employees undergo pre-employment medical examinations, periodic medicals and medicals upon leaving the company. The purpose is to assess the onset occupational diseases so as to reduce the risks and monitor appropriateness and sustainability.

Incident/non-conformity reporting and investigation:
These are reactive measures taken by the department after an incident has occurred. After the incident has been reported, investigations are carried out to establish the root causes and system failures. The purpose is to minimise the risks and also to keep records and trends.

Emergency preparedness:
The department is able to minimise risk because it is a able to attend a large number of emergencies. The department has emergency preparedness plan, which outlines how to react in emergencies and also how to address people in a crisis.

Measurement, monitoring and audits:
These helps checks how the IRCA system is running. The internal and external audits are conducted to assess the effectiveness of the system and to continually improve the system.

Corrective and preventive action systems:
Through inspections and investigations, all non-conformance actions are corrected. The corrective measures are put in place to prevent injuries and property damage.