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  Lets'eng Diamonds Planned Development

  Lets'eng's Technological Operational Improvements

The Lets'eng resource is unique. It combines a relatively low grade ore with very high quality large diamonds. This uniqueness necessitates special care to be taken during the diamond recovery process to ensure that diamond damage is avoided and that the optimal diamond liberation steps are included in the process plant.

The upgrade of Lets'eng Plant 2 was successfully completed in March 2015. The aim of the upgrade was to address the unique requirements of Lets'eng's resource by increasing Plant 2's output from 400 to 450 tons an hour. During the upgrade, the Head Feed was increased by 50 tons per hour, the Scrubber, Primary Screen, Tertiary Crusher and Sputnik Loading were upgraded and Tailings Conveyor was extended. In combination, these will significantly improve revenue generation.

The new Coarse Final Recovery Plant, whose construction has just been completed, is intended to improve diamond recovery, especially of the type II diamonds. This will be achieved by the use of X-ray transmissive technology and provide state of the art diamond security around Lets'eng's high value revenue stream. The new Coarse Final Recovery Plant will incorporate the latest X-ray sorting technology and establish impervious shell within which all coarse final recovery activities will take place. A new Personnel Control Centre is under construction to control the access to and egress.